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Hey    there, beautiful Soul!

I am truly very happy to have you here right now because

wether you are aware of it or not, you hold huge potential

within yourself that can be transformed into miracles.

You are Special, Unique and Magical,

and that is the reason why Crystal Clare Healing was created.-

For You.

I am a strong believer that everything in this world has a

reason to be, and so has your sweet visit today.

Let me show you how to open up to more of your inner world and explore together what truly makes your heart sing, so you will too be able to make all those changes you wish in the outside.

I can guarantee there is much more than

you can possibly imagine!

Meet Clara


I am a Spiritual Life Coach and

Energy Healer.

As certified in Reiki level 2, Crystal Healing and Yoga among others, I also work as an intuitive Tarot Reader and Law of Attraction Mentor.

Other important parts of my mission involve empowering people to shine their Unique Light and guiding heart-lead souls to build the life of their Dreams.

How did we get here?

My Journey started over six years ago,

when I met one of the most important people in my life,

a mirror soul. - The person who introduced me

to my true self in every aspect.

Today, my mission is to work with amazing people like you by supporting and guiding them through their journeys to find alignment, vibrate higher and manifest the life of their dreams.

Let's Uplift the Planet together!

I am so thankful that the universe brought me to her when it did. She not only went above and beyond to help answer (and confirm) my questions, but she did so with such a gentle, yet captivating energy. She provided clear, and insanely accurate answers that fell right in line with my own intuition. I cannot express just how much her reading meant to me, but I can say that I hope that anyone that comes across her in their own path accepts the fact that she is both a gift and blessing to every person that is guided to her. I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


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