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Services and Sessions

Hello beautiful soul! I am so grateful that you chose me to help you with your situation today. - You will be able to find all the services I am offering below.

*Please, consider that all packages and sessions will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.*

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Intuitive Healing Session

Go deep into a calm state of meditation to bring a deeper understanding and healing of what you are going through.

Coaching Call

Let's talk about what you are experiencing right now.

We will channel insight for you and set some techniques you can start to work with.

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Distance Reiki

Enjoy the benefits of Reiki healing from the comfort of your home, at a distance.

Chakra System Cleanse

Get your chakras cleansed and realigned by clearing out any unwanted or stagnant energy.

This is done remotely.

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The Miracle Program
1-on-1 Sessions
Healing Services
Guided Meditations



You will only need to make one payment for full unlimited access to each of your guided meditations.

Coming Soon


Refunds are not availale. By purchasing a service you agree not to hold me liable of any loss or any actions that you take. Results are not guaranteed as every person has a free will.


 If you need to reschedule for any reason please send me an email up to 24 hours prior to the start of our session, I will be happy to help you with this.

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